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Facebook is sending in the drones

All up in your skies...

Tallying your 'likes'...

They may not be able to send or view photos, but they likely could send messages and view status updates without having to pay for the Internet. While phones are getting cheaper, it’s the data costs that make the web unaffordable to much of the world. Titan’s drones could help Facebook fix that.

Facebook Looking Into Buying Drone Maker Titan Aerospace | TechCrunch

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With Amazon constructing flying monkey drones to deliver our purchases...

And Google buying every robot company it can get its hands on...

It makes sense that Facebook is trying to figure out how to use drones to deal a final blow to the carriers.

In Facebook's ideal future, you get your Internet from Facebook, not Verizon or Comcast.

Meanwhile Verizon and Comcast (and in my experience, ATT and the rest of them) beat their customers like they owe them money.  I would probably, unwisely, shortsightedly, glady buy my electrons from facebook instead.

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