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Will This Be the U.K.'s New Flag? - Matt Ford - The Atlantic

Will This Be the U K s New Flag Matt Ford The Atlantic

Will This Be the U K s New Flag Matt Ford The Atlantic

Omigod, is that a UNICORN?


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Long after the Empire's collapse, the Union Jack remains an internationally recognized symbol of Britain. But all that could change soon. Scotland, one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom (along with England, Northern Ireland, and Wales), will hold a referendum on independence this September. If it succeeds, Britain's iconic flag may need a makeover.

The Flag Institute, the U.K.'s national flag charity and the largest membership-based vexillological organization in the world, recently polled its members and found that nearly 65 percent of respondents felt the Union Jack should be changed if Scotland becomes independent. And after the poll, the organization found itself flooded with suggested replacements for the flag.

Ew, I don't like any of the suggested replacements.

Although yes, it does look like a unicorn.

About that unicorn flag:  Another design inspired by the monarchy superimposes the royal coat of arms on a modified Union Jack. The floral wreath surrounding the coat of arms represents the monarch's various realms: white roses for England, thistles for Scotland, shamrocks for Ireland, maple leaves for Canada, and so forth.


If I ever have a flag, I'm putting Doge AND Unicorns on it!

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