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Zoolander Mugatu I feel like I'm taking crazy pills gif HD


Thank you unforgiven91 for making these gifs.

will ferrell I feel like Im taking crazy pills gif Imgur mugatu zoolander

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What is this, a gif for ants?

what is this a gif for ants gif Imgur

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills meme Imgur Mugatu Zoolander Will Ferrell

zoolander driving gif Imgur

zoolander miner mining gif Imgur

zoolander love scene gif Imgur

zoolander blue steel gif Imgur

Blue Steel!!!

Blue Steel saves the day!! :)

Isnuporah also made an album of Zoolander reaction gifs:

Will include a few favorites below.

zoolander wake me up before you gogo gif Imgur Ben Stiller

zoolander YES oh you gif Imgur Ben Stiller

zoolander pajamas gif Imgur Ben Stiller

Zoolander upvote gif Reddit Imgur

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