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It's like people only do things cause they're gonna get paid. It's really sad. ~Wayne's World Garth sells out

waynes world garth sells out gif Imgur it's like people only do things cause they're gonna get paid it's really sad Dana Carvey

Thank you elfa82 for making this gif.

elfa82 album of Waynes World gifs:

My favorites:

BigMurph26 also made a version of this gif:

Waynes World Garth sells out gif Imgur

Reddit source and comments:

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It's like people only do these things because they can get paid. ~Wayne's World meme Imgur

Reddit comments:

Imgur comments:

The Oscar selfie was a preplanned ad by Samsung. Sellouts!!

Wayne's World Reddit choice:

Waynes World can of Reddit gif Imgur its your choice yes and its the choice of a new generation

Thank you shadowst17 for making this gif:

That is an amazingly well done gif.  The perspective of the logos is perfect. And the water down the side. 

See the link above for how he made it.

Waynes World contract or no I will not bow to any sponsor gif Imgur

Thank you BigMurph26 for this gif.

New generation at 1:03 :

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