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Invertebrate Astronauts Make Space History | Wired Science |

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No armor, still tough.

Not the cutest critters I've ever seen, but still fascinating:

It’s one small step for Tardigrada, and one giant leap for the animal kingdom: The toughest creature on Earth has survived a trip into space.

A great finding. Thank you for sharing, Soyeun!


My new spirit animal. Not only do I want to feel indestructible, I want to gain that strength with a calm zen like attitude whilst drinking water off of moss.

I don't know, Soyeun. Tardigrada doesn't look happy in that image.

I choose to see a smile of contentment which is different than a Hollywood grin.

"Tardigrades look a bit like a bear crossed with a sweet potato. In fact, they look huggable — a rare quality among microscopic animals. They have chubby bodies and eight legs, from which curved, bear-like claws protrude."

Biologist Byron Adams, professor at Brigham Young University

I can see it now!

It looks as huggable as a body pillow. :)

Thank you for sharing this fascinating creature with me, Soyeun.

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