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California Orca Welfare Bill Would Stop Killer Whale Shows at SeaWorld

California Orca Welfare Bill Would Stop Killer Whale Shows at SeaWorld : News : Nature World News

Riding a wave of momentum built by the 2013 documentary "Blackfish," a California lawmaker will propose a bill Friday that would ban SeaWorld from using killer whales (orca) at shows in its San Diego theme park.

The bill, known as the "Orca Welfare and Safety Act" will be introduced by State Assemblymember Richard Bloom, a democrat from the Santa Monica jurisdiction.

The bill would make it illegal to "hold in captivity, or use, a wild-caught or captive-bred orca for performance or entertainment purposes," according to journalist David Kirby, author of the 2012 book "Death at SeaWorld."

SeaWorld San Diego has 10 orcas in captivity, Kirby reported on, noting that the theme park is the only one in California that has captive orca.

The bill would also ban the artificial insemination of killer whales in California and ban the import of orca semen from other states.

"There is no justification for the continued captive display of orcas for entertainment purposes," Assemblyman Bloom said a statement. "These beautiful creatures are much too large and far too intelligent to be confined in small, concrete tanks for their entire lives."

The bill would not prevent SeaWorld from putting killer whales on display in an aquarium-like setting, but it would prohibit the park from using the cetaceans in performances or for entertainment purposes.

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They should call this the "Free Willy" Act!

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