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Orca Live Back Online After 9 Year Hiatus

We have launched the audio portion of OrcaLive. Please enjoy the voices of the orcas from Johnston Straight, Canada.


Sound picked up by Orca Lab's six underwater mics around the Hanson Island area is transmitted via radio. During the summer, assistants from around the world monitor the sound 24 hrs a day. The sound heard on this web site is the same sound heard over speakers in the observation station and other locations on Hanson Island.

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Windows Media Player needs to be open to hear the Orcas.

Link to Southern population of Orcas, still looking for Northern link.

Meet The Whales | The Whale Museum

Here they are:

Vancouver Aquarium

This link shows the Northern Resident Orca Population, these are the ones you have a chance of hearing on the hydrophones placed in the Johnston Straight/Hanson Island area.  Plumper was always my favorite (A37), he was 1 of 3 bachelor brothers that hung out together, very rare in the Resident orca world, as they live in matriarchal groups, some many generations.  Now there are only 2 brothers, as Cracraft (the eldest) died in 2010 :(

Poor Cracraft. At least his brothers stayed together.

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