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The indie game console may already be dead

The indie game console may already be dead The Verge


Last year, I predicted that the rising tide of Android gaming would raise all boats — that indie game consoles like the Ouya, the Shield, and the Gamestick could mount a challenge against Xbox and PlayStation because of all the attention they were getting as a whole. Sadly, it looks like I was wrong. This week, the leader of the indie console charge is standing down.


Ouya arrived late, the hardware was panned, and the plan to fund games was beset by scams. Promised titles like Hawken and OnLive never materialized, and a much-hyped exclusive from Portal designer Kim Swift didn't move the needle. The only exclusive game worth playing on the system, Towerfallisn't exclusive to Ouya anymore — and early reports suggested that even Towerfall wasn't really a hit.

Meanwhile, the Gamestick got an even poorer reception, and Nvidia hasn't been willing to share sales figures for its surprisingly well-built Shield. Valve's Steam Box, thought to be another console competitor, turned out to be a disorganized collection of gaming PCs — at least until Alienware and company can get the original vision off the ground.

So now, amidst a seeming blasé attitude towards failed microconsoles, Ouya is pivoting to become a software platform. The company hopes to embed the software into televisions and set-top boxes, starting with its former competitor the Mad Catz Mojo, and will keep its own console around only as a "reference design" from now on.

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