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Breaking down spending in Obama's budget proposal - The Washington Post

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What industries to think about for your business. 

Not even $1 billion for the small business administration but half a trillion bucks for defense?!


Case in point: Build drones, weapons, or force fields. 

The corps of engineers?  After years blaming them for not doing enough before Katrina and our crumbling bridges, they want to cut them even more for new "opportunity" stimulus crap?

Defense is glaring, this is who we are?  what we most want to be known for?  Some is necessary, but really?

Dishonest graph, by not including non-discretionary social spending, which comprises about 70% of the entire budget.

Please due us all a favor and shine light on a graph, or tell us the next action in discovering this budget.  Thank you. 

you mean like this:

Exactly, thank you. :)

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