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Richard Feynman: The Universe in a Glass of Wine

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I already know all his famous speeches, but I can't resist re-listening them every time I see someone posting it again on the Internetz.


I don't know any of his speeches but I really love this.

Any suggestions on more I can watch?

The man himself:

BBC Horizon/PBS Nova THE PLEASURE OF FINDING THINGS OUT, Richard Feynman Interview (1981)

This is extraordinary. Thank you Oce.

This guy is my role model in teaching science. I love him.

He died before I was even born, I regret so much I had no chance to meet him. : (

Yeah, that's really sad. But at least you can learn from students of his, right?

Well I never heard about his students taking over his way of teaching physics. From what I know the majority of CalTech students end in engineering or high administrative functions, so in the little proportion who stay in sciences, to have one able to deal with Feynman inheritance sounds pretty unlikely.

Heard about any? 

*****ing quora...


Could you copy the comment or screenshot it?

Heh heh, yeah, here is the answer from Mark Morales:

How was Feynman as an advisor? Apparently, terrible. He literally did not care.

It's not so uncommon amongst great scientists; the best athletes don't always make the best coaches.

Feynman never compromised on following his interests, and his interests, as varied as they were from molecular biology to painting, were not in advising PhD students.

(Perhaps because in general graduate students are a pain in the ass, living poor, hungry and with uncertain job prospects; but mostly likely they couldn't keep up with the Feynman method - pause think write down the answer.)

And I say that having gone to Princeton to study physics over MIT to study engineering after reading about his experience and research at the former as a PhD student; and generally being inspired by Feynman's teaching, humor and integrity in most areas of life.

The guy you really want to ask this question about is John Wheeler, who by all accounts, including Feynman's in his Nobel speech and writings elsewhere, and by the empirical evidence of his success with students, was truly incredible. (Kip Thorne also discusses Wheeler's talent in the area in Black Holes and Time Warps.)

The irony of course is that I've never heard the principles of being a great PhD advisor expressed so clearly as by Feynman in that speech. And the fact he even chose to talk about it is remarkable.

Execution is a different matter...

Reminds me "Emile, or On Education" by Rousseau, 1762 (,_or_On_Education )

This guy wrote a masterpiece on Education that influenced all the occidental pedagogy, while he abandoned his 5 children...

Humans are weird.

Some are better seeing outside themselves... and some are better at seeing within themselves.

Rubber Bands is popular:

Love it!

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