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One does not simply let Reddit ask them "anything". ~Woody Harrelson

Thank you badmonkey0001 for making this meme: 

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Woody Harrelson had a notoriously bad AMA.

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The Reddit community was not pleased with Mr. Harrelson's Reddit AMA:

It went disastrously wrong:

Redditor jaggazz compiled all of the questions Harrelson “answered” below:

[1] The virgin question

[2] Most difficult role?

[3] What role are you glad you didn’t get?

[4] Vegan question

[5] Did you know about reddit before?

[6] His time is valuable, this is about Rampart

[7] Props for Larry Flynt

[8] Another vegan question

[9] What movie was most fun? Apparently he doesn’t have fun.

[10] Best role? Rampart…

[11] Best improvisation? Blah blah Oren…

[12] Studio plant asking abut Rampart

[13] Does acting take over your life?

[14] What do you do in your free time?

[15] Does acting take over your life? (addendum)

Read the original thread here

As a result there are now lots of Woody Harrelson pictures on Reddit such as:

Woody Harrelson holding paper fuck you all meme Reddit AMA Imgur

...and of course, this being the Internet, along comes dickbutt...

woody harrelson dickbutt reddit ama meme Imgur