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Random Acts of Kindness? There Should be an App for That

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It's a good article by Jeff Weiner and it was also shared by Adam Grant:

On first thought, I imagine an app like Secret where instead of sharing gossip and snark, people share the random acts of kindness that they do.

I like that idea.

Actually, Jeff Weiner wants it to be something more.

He wants the app to SUGGEST in real time a random act of kindness you could do:

Stuck in a fast food drive-thru line? Pay for the person behind you. Finishing up a meal in a restaurant with a server who could use some help? Honor the name of someone you care about with a life-altering tip. See a barefoot homeless person on the street in freezing temperatures? Offer them a pair of shoes.

While there are a number of sites on the web collecting and sharing stories like this, I couldn't find an app that makes suggestions in real-time depending on one's specific circumstances. After sharing the idea, it became clear through the number of likes and comments that there is definitely interest.

So what do you say? Any interest in creating a random act of kindness generator for people who are looking for ideas? The suggestions could come algorithmically or through direct responses from other members of the community. For additional inspiration and discovery, it could also offer a running feed of acts of kindness submitted by its users (with an option to share anonymously).

This comes closer to a Kindness Social Network with discovery targeted to you and your location.

It will require more thought on how to make the app great.

I seem to remember telling you the core practice to this :-)

Action must be proceeded by thought. The app must train thought and recondition to kindness through connection to others.   

I think this would be one amazing app. It can start very simple and slowly develop (big things usually start with a small act of kindness). I am not a developer but if someone starts to work on this, I would love to help with content!

We've ( talked for a while about creating an app like this (we're all about kindness). But we're just not sure that people would really use it. We have limited resources, and while we'd love to do it, and have the expertise to do it, we can't afford to use up our resources on something people won't use. That said - there are a lot of comments to the original post on linkedin. Maybe there is enough interest.

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