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Christine H McConnell photo gallery

christine h mcconnell fabulous art multiplicity photoshop cute cat hot badass artist Imgur

The photographer and the model are the same artist, Christine H McConnell.

Yes, all the women in the photo are her. Yeah Photoshop!

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One Redditor made this from the image above:

Christine H McConnell multiplicity photo sketch with cute cat Imgur

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Christine H McConnell is an Internet badass and "an artist... with a lot of free time".

Here are the places to follow her work on the Internet:

Christine H McConnell website:


Flickr: http:[email protected]/


Christine H McConnell Twitter:

As a photographer sometimes she does Cosplay such as Wonder Woman and Weird Science.

The photos I'm adding to this page are favorites posted to Reddit and Imgur.

And here's the Imgur reaction to her photo above:

christine h mcconnell hot damn gurl gif Imgur

By the way Imgur and Reddit: you'd better be respectful of Christine.

Because her boyfriend Mr Biggles will kick your ass if you're a jerk:

Christine H McConnell boyfriend is Mr Biggles an adorable but badass tabby cat so be respectful or he will kick your ass Imgur and Reddit

The photo has a very "Stepford" quality to it.  This woman is very talented!

Yes, and I believe that was the feel she was going for.

Her most popular photo is her mom and her 25 years apart with the same dress at the same age:

Christine H McConnell and Mom - same dress, same age, 25 years apart - Imgur

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Christine is an artist not just with photography; she's also creative with recipes.

Here are her Ginger-Cartman cookies, which are ironic because Cartman hates Gingers:

Christine H McConnell Ginger Cartman cookies Imgur sweet gingerbread

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Christine welded herself a Wonder Woman cosplay costume:

Christine H McConnell welding Wonder Woman costume badass yeah Reddit Imgur

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Here is her resulting Wonder Woman photo:

Christine H McConnell Wonder Woman cosplay hot Reddit Imgur

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Someone on Reddit added some flair:

Christine H McConnell Wonder Woman badass yeah Reddit Imgur

Christine also re-created this famous scene from Weird Science:

Christine H McConnell Weird Science cosplay is hot and artistic and badass Imgur

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Christine's photography is also shared on Pinterest. Example:

Christine H McConnell Photography sparkle gold dress on the beach Pinterest Imgur

She's got a lot of talent as an artist, so hopefully she'll keep experimenting and learning.

Christine H McConnell hot little red riding hood Imgur

Christine H McConnell hot little red riding hood costume halloween cosplay Imgur

Christine H McConnell hot catwoman latex catsuit Imgur

Christine H McConnell hot sigourney weaver in ghostbusters Imgur

Christine H McConnell making costumes with cute cat Imgur

Christine H McConnell hot witch in stockings and corset and broomstick Imgur