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OnLive comes to OUYA, Controller Makes Full Frontal Debut — Kickstarter

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We are pleased to announce that OnLive will be available on OUYA at launch, extending and building on our commitment to make the best games available to everyone, everywhere.

What does that mean for OUYA backers?

OnLive will deliver a full console-class experience, bringing hundreds of top-tier games from more than 80 publishers to the OUYA console for play on demand.

OUYA owners will be able to jump in and play any of these games both at home on their OUYA console, and on the go on PCs, Macs, tablets and phones, never leaving a game behind.

Instant demos will be available for nearly every game in our ever-growing library—from eagerly anticipated indie titles like Ravaged, to hot blockbusters like the upcoming Darksiders® II. Players can experience up to 30 minutes of each game for free before deciding what to buy. If they like it, they can continue playing where the demo left off.


Savvy move by both parties. Ouya is gaining momentum.

No game left behind!

I love Onlive! I like it better than Steam. Although the number of "top tier" games is misleading. There is really only about 20 games people play on it.

Never heard of OnLive till now. Better than Steam?? Why?

Onlive streams games instead of downloading. Steam has TONS of sales, so downloading takes up lots of room on your hardrive. You can also watch other onlive players play games witch is pretty neat and record 10 sec clips of play time using Onlive. The downside is the selection of games is nothing compared to Steam and a pretty good internet connection is required.

And if you have a beefy enough machine, you can have both OnLive and Steam, right?

You dont really need a gaming PC for either. Theyre both just a client that lets you play the games. If all you want to do is play indie games then pretty much any pc will do. But Steam makes install them to your computer, Onlive does not. Thats the biggest difference, other than their catalog of games.

Ancora Imparo. Yet I am learning.

Nick, thanks for the explanation. PC-as-console is fascinating to me because it's like Microsoft let someone invade their home base while they were out competing with PS3 and Wii with their Xbox.

You still need a windows machine for nearly every video game on a computer so Microsoft isnt worried. Only recently has Steam added games for mac and pc.

This comic should clarify


Haha, I love the look on PC dude's face in that last frame. :D

Huge steam fan. I like having local installed copies and tweaking with the highest end settings a game can offer.

David - Are you going to be porting Spelunky to OUYA? Excited to play Spelunky by the way! First time that I have seen it.

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