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How To Make Friends Easily And Strengthen The Friendships You Have |

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The problem is growing: In 1985 most people said they had 3 close friends. In 2004 the most common number was zero.

Here are my notes on the original version of this article:

We need friends to keep us healthyLack of social support predicts all causes of death.

Having few friends is more dangerous than obesity and is the equivalent health risk of smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

How do you maintain friendships? Most importantly, make the time.

What are the most common friendship fights about? Time commitments.

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Love this post--lots to think about here...always seems that plans with friends get pushed off, whether it's a simple Google hangout, or visit... always work to do. 

Yes, we will never get more time gifted to us. We have to MAKE time.

this post got me to write a couple letters and call a couple friends!

That's excellent, Emily. Life gets so busy that sometimes I forget to re-connect!

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