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Old Termites Blow Themselves Up to Protect the Nest - ScienceNOW

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Ok, I had no idea there are termites that can MAKE themselves explode:

Researchers already knew that many social insects change roles in their colony as they age. Moreover, it's well known that a number of species of termites explode, often oozing sticky or smelly fluid onto their opponent. But in previously observed cases, the explosive or noxious material is found in the termites' heads, and the suicide missions are the responsibility of a distinct caste of soldier termites, not aging workers. Since N. taracua have soldiers, it's especially surprising to see workers exploding, says Hanus.

Are weaponized termites in our future?

I'm getting the sense that exploding animals are way more common than they should be: "What’s making toads puff up and explode in northern Europe?"

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