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Flight 370 disappearance: Missing airliner apparently flew to Central Asia.

Flight 370 disappearance Missing airliner apparently flew to Central Asia

Missing Airliner May Have Reached Central Asia. Could the Passengers Still Be Alive? 


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It's like the plot of LOST!


From Slate link above: A violent separatist Uyghur separatist movement is active in that area. Two weeks ago, eight knife-wielding Uyghur separatists attacked passengers at a train station in Xinjiang, killing 29 people. According to its manifest, 153 of the 227 passengers aboard MH370 are Chinese.

Based on the satellite data alone, the plane could also be located in the southern Indian Ocean west of Australia, southwest of Java. But that area is mostly empty ocean.

Early this morning BBC reporter Jonah Fisher tweeted, "Being briefed by Malaysia officials they believe most likely location for MH370 is on land somewhere near Chinese/Kyrgyz border.”

Given its speed and time aloft, MH370 could have traveled about 3,300 miles in the six hours between the time it was last spotted near the Andaman Islands and the time the final ping was detected by satellite. The distance from its last known location to the farthest end of the northern arc is about 2,400 miles. That implies that the flight took a circuitous flight path.

How it evaded the military radar systems of the intervening countries is unknown.


Saturday's announcement that a deliberate act caused Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to veer dramatically off course pivots the probe in a new direction, but the size and complexity of the latest search threatens to substantially delay definitive answers about the missing plane.

Announcing the shift to a criminal investigation, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said investigators now "can say with a high degree of certainty" that one or more of the 239 people on board the Boeing Co. 777 jet deliberately turned off two aircraft signaling systems within 40 minutes after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur.

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