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Les Mis Javert Russell Crowe Staring gif


Thank you DrRhymes for making this gif.

Russell Crowe staring gif Imgur pirate hat Javert Les Miserables

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It's actually Russell Crowe as Javert in Les Miserables, but I like the Reddit caption:

"My Reaction When a random car pulls into my driveway..."

Haha, especially to turn around...

Austin Powers 3 point turn gif Imgur


Imgur comments:

My favorite Reddit comment:

It's all about the slightly forlorn look on his face. It can make mundane happenings such as a car in a drive way sound so much more emotional.

That IS a great comment. Can't believe it took me nine months to see that!

Imgur comment: The gif has been seen more times than the movie at this stage. Is there an oscar for that?

:) :) :)

Javert NO gif Imgur Russell Crowe

By the way, doesn't Javert seem so three months ago?

Javert do not forget my name gif Imgur Russell Crowe meme

Javerts Javerts everywhere meme Woody buzz Lightyear toy story Imgur

Woman in Black Javert

If you remove the "v" from some of their gifs, they are stashable.

women in black javert gif Imgur daniel radcliffe

Imgur comments:

Thanks for the tip!

Happily! Hope this heels for future stashing.

Is that Walter White? Or just Bryan Cranston in something else?

Just did a Google image search of "Bryan Cranston crying" and got "Godzilla".  :)

That makes sense. I didn't recall this scene from Breaking Bad.

I understood that reference!

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