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What are the trademark characteristics of extremely high-achieving people? [email protected]

What are the trademark characteristics of extremely high-achieving people? 12 Answers: on @Quora
6:18 PM Jul 24 2012

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I like that the most popular answer on Quora includes "uncompromising execution".

And the second most popular answer starts with "delusions of grandeur".

And yes, success requires grit and luck.

But my personal favorite is the fourth most popular answer, with half-naked Will Smith:


they forgot one.. extremely high achieving people do not waste time talking negatively about others. they just get on with their own shit ! (conversely, they do not waste time listening to negative talk about them) .. I guess you could add this one as an addendum to "Inner motivation"

I'm glad things like "jealousy" and "delusions of grandeur" were included. Too frequently pieces like these are written with rose colored glasses. Before anyone else posts that success is created by sugar and spice and everything nice they should be required to read Isaacson's Steve Jobs bio three times. If it is nothing but sweetness and kindness that brings high achievement why do we endlessly complain about the callousness and casual cruelty of those in power?

Eric, you're right -- some high achievers are driven by competition, others by cooperation.

Some want to achieve by any means necessary -- including lying, cheating, stealing, even killing.

Others are able to achieve just by being extraordinary.

I think the thing they all have in common is practice.

No one achieves highly without considerable practice.

1) Do stuff.

2) Aim high.

3) Keep going.

That about covers it, I think!

Chris, yes!

aka Lather, Rinse, Repeat! :)

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