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Pulp Fiction: Quentin Tarantino's hidden message [SPOILERS]

Firstly, i'm just warning you that my post will reveal certain scenes from the movie Pulp Fiction, so if you haven't seen it yet and do not appreciate spoilers, i suggest skipping over this post (but i mean come on you've literally had 20 years to watch it).

I was watching Pulp Fiction a couple of nights ago, when i came to the realisation that whenever Vincent Vega visits the bathroom, something bad ALWAYS happens. I'm not sure if i'll be repeating common knowledge but this was news to me so i decided to investigate this 'coincidence'


The very first time we witness Vincent going to the bathroom was at the home of Mia Wallace. Now although all we see is Vincent talking to himself in the mirror, i reckon the bathroom itself was still used by Tarantino to foreshadow Mia's overdose.


The second time was when the diner was being robbed by Yolanda (Hunny Bunny) and Ringo (Pumpkin). Although Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) handled the situation amazingly, you could assume that if Vincent was still present, the robbery would have ended more quickly and smoothly


The third and final time Vincent was in the bathroom was right before his ultimate demise.

Now the question is, what does this all mean? We know that Vincent Vega is addicted to heroin. What some people do not know is that heroin use can also result in constipation and therefore a frequent need to use the bathroom.

Quentin Tarantino was really smart in the way he approached this, he didn't make it so that Vincent died as a direct result of his drug use (i.e overdosing). Instead, Tarantino showed how drugs can negatively affect not only the user, but the people around them too. Basically, if Vincent wasn't addicted to heroin, he wouldn't have needed to constantly go to the bathroom, therefore he would have warned Mia that the drugs in his pocket was heroin and not cocaine, the diner robbery would have been less crazy and he probably wouldn't have died.

I hope that you found this insightful, thanks for reading!


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If any of you didn't know: Vincent Vega (Pulp Fiction) is the brother to Mr Blonde (Reservoir Dogs), Vic Vega.

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