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How to make high quality, zoomable, gifs with GIMP (TL;DR Version)

Do you too want to make GIFs like this where people oooh and ahhh not just over Emma Watson but over your gif making prowess?!

emma watson high quality zoomable gif Imgur

Sure it zooms but any gif with a width of 611 pixels or greater will zoom. Look at all those wavy lines and the poor quality! That's not what you want to be known for!

Those lines are because GIFs can only have 256 colors so you lose quality. Let's fix that.

fat bunny jumping rope gif Imgur

In GIMP once you've got the layers of your gif all setup and ready, go to Image -> Mode -> Indexed.

Select: Generate optimum palette Maximum number of colors: 256 Color dithering: Positioned Enable dithering of transparency: checked

Bam! Sure it might be a little grainy, but you gotta take a little grain with your salt. Now export that GIF and get with the uploadin'!


I posted a more detailed version of this last week but was encouraged to post a TL;DR version. If you want more info on this process and links to the tools I use to make gifs check out the other album.



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*how to crash the mobile app

yeah, I had an animated gif crash my mobile just today, but I predict these high res animated gifs are going to be Uge.  

Greg do you think we just need another year or row before mobile can handle the huge?

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