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Facebook and Twitter are the same application on mobile.

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The above link says that Facebook now has 540 million mobile users.

Below are my thoughts after reading the article.

Most of the 540 million use Facebook mobile for one or two things:

1. To read what friends are writing.

2. To post a status message.

You know what that means?


Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but my Facebook mobile app experience is terrible:

1. It can take more than a minute for the app to load.

2. The app hangs and crashes just about every time I try it.

3. As a result, reading what friends are writing sucks, and I rarely use it to post a status.

By the way, neither Facebook nor Twitter know how to monetize mobile at scale yet.

If Facebook can continue to keep people using its mobile app, it MIGHT be able to monetize the following ways:

1. Sponsored stories. Interspersed with what you read.

2. Monetizing social discovery. Suggesting what you should buy or do.

3. Payments. Beat Square and PayPal at mobile payments.

But Facebook can still be displaced on mobile.

Either by Twitter or by something new.

Game on.

But they bought instagram, which now has 80m users (downloads?)

And instagram is just twitter for photos.

Which is funny since TWITTER wants to be Twitter for photos.

But man oh man is Twitter mobile complicated when you compare it with Instagram.

Also, it is WAY easier to inject a status message or photo into Facebook or Twitter from Path or Instagram than it is from Facebook or Twitter mobile apps. The Facebook and Twitter mobile apps take a long time to load, and they crash often.