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Annoyed Picard meme, gifs

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The What the fuck... and Why the fuck... Picard memes have really exploded on teh Internets -- particularly 9gag and Tumblr -- in the last month. (Example: Tour de France)

My favorites involve wtf there are hashtags in Facebook, and why the heck Chick-Fil-A has a position on marriage.

Anyone else have any favorites?


Annoyed Picard animated gif

worf why the fuck is Picard so angry meme Imgur

Found in comments here:

annoyed Picard face palm meme Imgur if I wanted my posts to be censored and everything controlled I would have stayed on Facebook

WTF is McDonalds sponsoring athletes?


WTF can't Chick-Fil-A STFU about marriage?

WTF do people use hashtags on Facebook?


WTF is with 16 year olds these days? Seriously...


WTF do people wear shoes in their house?


WTF do people still live in Gotham?


Fuck Yeah Captain Jean-Luc Picard!

It's his zen demeanor. We like to f*ck with that.

Google image search for WTF Picard is so full of win.

That's right. WTF FTW...



WTF don't I like anything on my iPod when I shuffle?


WTF do grown men watch My Little Pwnies?

WTF does Bruce Wayne use his Batman voice?


WTF don't people know the difference between your and you're?


WTF do I need 3-5 years experience for an entry level position?


WTF does everyone want a zombie apocalypse?

HTF was I supposed to know that without a game walk through?

WTF am I out of focus?

Why the fuck does a country with an obsession about free speech not allow swearing on TV?


Look what you did, says Gandalf. Now we've pissed off Picard.


Why the fuck don't you just Google it?


why the fuck is jean luc Picard all over the Internet bitching about every fucking little thing meme Imgur

Found in comments here:

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