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Cloud Atlas trailer | GeekDad |

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Every once in a while a movie trailer comes along that makes me want to read the book. I think the thing that impressed me about this six minute trailer for Cloud Atlas is the way the studio hasn’t folded on its marketing efforts for a film which won’t be easy to sell. Clearly there is some money behind the movie, but it is a bit of a genre buster.


And...I'm off to Barnes and Noble to read the trailer, I mean the book.

As I watched, I first thought of 'The Fountain', then 'Synecdoche, NY'... but by 1m45s I began to fear as a trailer it was showing too much, and by 2m20 I stopped watching for that same reason.

Interested to see, might check out the book, but seems like a story best entered without expectations or the viewing of advance clips.

I can agree with that. I think the trailer had so much in it, that realistically will forget all details by the time I watch the movie.

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