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OBEY, Choose One - Gore and Bush

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Poster design including illustrations of Gore and Bush, for a Pro-Nader piece. The illustrations were also printed in AdBusters October/November 2000 issue, as well as featured on numerous web sites and in publications including, Francisco Bay Guardian's site), Chicago Media Watch, etc.


If they accomplished all their goals mentioned in the poster it would be an interesting world.

The Green party -- specifically Nader -- cost Gore Florida in the 2000 election.

Which, thanks to the Supreme Court, cost Gore the 2000 election.

The Greenies believed that Bush running things during 9/11 was no different than how Gore would have run things.

I believe they are wrong. Bush retaliated with a trillion dollar war against Afghanistan and Iraq.

That's a trillion dollars Gore would not have spent on waging war.

But hey, they made a cool poster.

Consider this for fans of president Obama; if al gore won, it's unlikely that Barack Obama would now be president of the united states.

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