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Pink is the New Purple! by Dave McClure

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Now what if Marissa used Yahoo as a bully pulpit, to address the needs of a market that is roughly 50% or more of the global internet population? What if Yahoo began acquiring or partnering with properties specifically relevant to women, like Pinterest, ShoeDazzle, Gilt Groupe, BabyCenter, EcoMom, Oprah, People Magazine, Etsy, Ellen Degeneres, Martha Stewart (or!), and maybe wellness & healthcare sites, career advice like Daily Muse, finance education like Daily Worth, photo sites like PicCollage?

What if Yahoo went back to its vision for media and entertainment, and acquired services like EventBrite for ticketing, Hulu or Netflix for video, and perhaps picked up Zynga (which appeals to mostly middle-aged women)?

What if Marissa made it known that Yahoo would be the best tech company in the world for hiring women execs, putting women in leadership positions, and advancing the opportunities for women in the workplace (as Sheryl Sandberg is so well-known for promoting at Facebook)?


I think my overwhelming question is -- does marissa read any of these love letters/essays ... Err advice to her about how to run yahoo? I'd be curious to know that.

Thoughtful post by Dave, nonetheless.

No, she does not read them.

Yes, Dave is right. Yahoo being awesome for women would be awesome.

Or maybe Facebook should buy Yahoo.

When I saw his list of "woman stuff" I just felt like crying. My vision of hell would be to live in a world where that was me: celebrities, babies, finance-lite, career-lite and shopping.

I love Dave McClure except when I want to kill him.

I think we need to make "I love Dave McClure except when I want to kill him" t shirts.


you did check the back?

Oh em gee, no. Hilarious!!!!

I'm pretty convinced this baby doll won't fit me.

Which is too bad because I'd look pretty in pink!

the good news is you can "redesign" it, and choose a more flattering style. I'll admit I chose a fit I thought might suit what I suspected was the target audience.

And I really really do love Dave McClure. except, you know...

The target audience appreciates your choice. :)

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