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Marissa Mayer Named Yahoo CEO (July 2012): What are the real Yahoo! assets, which Marissa Mayer can rely on to start the turn around?

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Ditch the idea that Yahoo! is a media company -- this is pervaisve internally. If Yahoo! is to succeed they have to put users first, not advertisers. Advertisers follow, they don't lead.

I think Yahoo should put MOBILE users first.

This is very good plan!

- Yahoo used to be media portal (content) company.

- Mobile is the best content consumption/enhancement platform.

Mobile is the natural path for yahoo to leverage their existing assets and build strong business with unparalleled reach.

Wow, this convo made me take a second and ask "What is Yahoo?" And I realized I didn't know.

I joke that Yahoo fell behind but now I'm realizing just how far. They just don't even fit in any of the "new" categories. They're literally still a 90's portal with most of their spokes broken.

As the first commenter in the Quora thread said "this is some existential shit." Could not have said it better myself. What the hell is Yahoo?

In true Nietzschean fashion, they must create themselves. They better not cut the deadweight, keep the stuff that works and rebrand. That is not going to fly.

A plan like Adam's is what they need. "Yahoo will dominate mobile." Okay, there's a mission. Hopefully they can turn the ship around. I'm not sure what the talent/morale/culture is like there currently...

Yahoo needs to be the place of authority in a Twitter (and Facebook!) world.

Tweets and shares have no authority unto themselves; the brands confer authority with their links.

Yahoo links can be the best links on Twitter (and Facebook!) to news, finance, sports, and entertainment.

That content can also be the foundation for the best suite of mobile apps.

I'm thinking that Yahoo buying the New York Times would not be crazy if "the content provider of authority on mobile and Web" is the vision.

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According to Paul Graham it's always been a media company

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