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Parkour, Cops, and Donuts - 4k Ultra HD video

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Thank you BigMurph26 for making this gif:

parkour cops and donuts wink gif Imgur

Just a comment, it's far easier to make a good gif with very high resolution source.

Video compression creates artifacts that ruins the power of gif optimization algorithms. 

Conclusion, if you wanna gif a video always chose the highest resolution if you can, because:

1 - the gif will look better

2 - the gif-optimization will be more effective

Two image-53355870c4c50-kE7w.pngwith one  taş !

Excellent advice. I'm always looking for more 4k Ultra HD sources.

I started a subreddit to post the ones I find:

I wish there were more 4k videos.

Another Zombie Parkour video not in 4k:

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