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The Scared is Scared - An Important Clever Short Film

When an inventive young filmmaker turns to a 6-year-old for inspiration, the result is likely to be a masterpiece. And "The Scared is Scared," made by Bianca Giaever, based on 6-year-old Asa Baker-Rouse's improv storytelling, certainly stands up to the hype and fanfare around the web. The only barrier to soaking up Asa's genius? At just under eight minutes, the video is practically an epic in the genre of viral content.

'The Scared Is Scared': 5 Pearls Of Wisdom From A 6-Year-Old Storyteller (VIDEO)

"The scared is scared of what you like."  I wish I knew that at 6 years old!  Cute song at end ;)

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Janill, I have never seen anything like this before. Thank you for sharing.

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