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Katy Perry Cheryl Cole fan fiction gif

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"I love her. I'm obsessed with her. Oh my god, she is so fine!!"

Sounds like she wants to kiss a girl. I bet she'd like it. 

I'm also pretty sure her boyfriend won't mind it.


Katy Perry Cheryl Cole kiss hot meme Imgur tumblr

Katy Perry Cheryl Cole kiss hot meme Imgur tumblr

katy perry cheryl cole kiss gif Imgur hot so you agree you think you're really pretty tumblr

Cheryl Cole's reaction:

could u fucking not girl chloe meme Imgur

That "you're really pretty" line is from Mean Girls:

Discussed here:

From the Reddit comments:

"I went to look for this interview started typing cheryl cole and katy perry and fanfiction was the next recommended word."

Cheryl Cole's butt:

Cheryl Cole hot ass tattoo pink panties meme Imgur tumblr

Cheryl Cole's reaction:

cheryl cole reacts to cher lloyd gif Imgur

Katy Perry on Graham Norton with Anna Kounikova:

That's from 2010 whereas the Cheryl Cole one is from 2012. 

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