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Natalie Dormer apple Newton's laws of motion gif

Thank you MajkiF for making this gif:

Natalie Dormer apple hot gif Imgur Newton law of motion Principia for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction

Thank you backwards_d for making this gif:

Natalie Dormer biting apple gif Imgur hot Esquire Principia Margaery Tyrell Game of Thrones

A few more gifs from the video below:

And just a perfect looping Natalie Dormer in the hammock gif:

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Sauce is the Principia of Natalie Dormer:

A few pics from the article by Chris Floyd in Esquire:

Natalie Dormer hot black lingerie Imgur

Natalie Dormer hot lingerie Imgur

Read the article:

Natalie Dormer reality is I don't give a gif

Natalie Dormer hot poke gif screwing sexy Esquire Imgur Margaery Tyrell teaching you how to shag

That's from this video:

Natalie dormer hot in bed gif Imgur

Natalie dormer hot sex gif Imgur esquire

Thank you The_Horse_Yeller for this gif:

natalie dormer our kid is not samoan gif Imgur Tumblr hot screwing sex gesture


Natalie Dormer Chris Hemsworth Rush sex scene Imgur:

Natalie Dormer The Fades sex scene gfycat:


Thank you RJDio1995 for that gif. 

Thank you BarterAxis for making this gif:

natalie dormer counselor gif hot skirt lift Imgur

It's from The Counselor:

natalie dormer smiling gif hot Imgur

Natalie Dormer Swimming Pool gif

Source is another Esquire video:

...and then there's this GQ video:

natalie dormer hot gif Imgur margaery tyrell smile demure Game of Thrones s4e4 4.04 Oathkeeper

Natalie Dormer as demure Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones season 4 episode 4: