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One-Third Of Americans Get News On Facebook, Pew Research Study Says

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Facebook is by far the leading social media site for news, but many Americans also get news from YouTube, Twitter, Reddit and other sites. Two thirds of users get news from Reddit, but only 3 perecent of Americans frequent the forum site.

Reddit automatically subscribes users to its news sub-forums, a possible reason why so many users get news from it.

The PRC stresses the sharing culture of social media as a main source of news distribution. Fifty percent of all users have shared or reposted articles, images or videos. Forty-six percent have discussed news stories and events.

Another surprising figure: Less than 15 percent of Americans have posted original newsworthy content to social networking sites. The PRC does not have figures on how much direct-to-social-network newsworthy content gets passed around on social media, which may represent how important social media has become as a vehicle for grassroots news content.

Only half of users have shared or discussed news articles?! Wow.

Reddit won't ever get as popular as FB because it asks you to think a bit before acting. It's User Interface, that's is not noob friendly nor eye candy, reflects this thinking, on my opinion.

Also, let's underline than Fb allows organisations like for example, Agence France Press or Reuters, to easily display their content and make it more accessible to people.

But they are not doing the job. It's not Fb who informs people.

It's still the journalists who are doing it. It's only the path it takes to touch the public that changed. Fb is good at making this  path shorter and wider.

They really are. Facebook is not simple but they've somehow gotten people patient enough to figure out their database. Because that's where peoples' friends are. 

Don't you think FB is better on mobile as well?

Definitely better on mobile.

Although sometimes I wonder why so many good people are left out of my feed.

Yeah that's the worst thing about FB, their algorithms are supposed to analyze your relationships and only show on your feed the people they decided you are closer to...

So basically, if you haven't discussed or post something with/on/for someone for a long time, they won't appear in your feed anymore. Zuky is imposing its own version of friendship here. He is imposing his own ideal through his product, pretty common problem with young men ruling Empires.

I'm not sure about these facts, need sources, but that's what appears with my experience.

To be clear, he wants to get better at divining which people I want to see.

Because he wants me to check my Facebook feed more, not less.

But so far, the edited feed is okay but doesn't make me want to visit it all the time.

Other people do find the feed very addictive and come back to it multiple times a day.

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