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How I Met Your Mother finale memes and gifs

Barney Stinson you are the love of my life everything I have and everything I am is yours forever gif Imgur NPH HIMYM daddys home meme

Thank you unforgiven91 for making this gif.

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Barney Stinson HIMYM meme you are the love of my life everything I have and everything I am is yours forever Imgur daddys home

Barney's final words: "Daddy's home."

NPH daddys home gif Imgur

spend an entire season getting married divorced 5 minutes later gif imgur HIMYM finale nph

HIMYM s4e17 pact Ted Robin will you be my backup wife

"I really hope you get her someday."

HIMYM finale meme Victoria knew all along Imgur

This is my exact feeling about the HIMYM Finale - Imgur

HIMYM finale meme team blue French horn team yellow umbrella Imgur

life only moves forward - Scumbag HIMYM finale meme - Imgur

NPH oh yeah gif HIMYM The Sensory Deprivator 5000 for those who haven't seen last night's Breaking Bad - Imgur

Barney Stinson grape scotch meme NPH HIMYM finale Imgur

HIMYM Marshall damn gif Imgur

HIMYM finale deleted scene:

HIMYM finale deleted scene gif Imgur Robin Ted

HIMYM April Fools meme back for season 10 Imgur

HIMYM finale Victoria meme that could have been me Imgur

its 2030 landlines still exist - Biggest Problem with the HIMYM Finale meme Imgur

HIMYM ending meme ted never turns into bob Saget imgur

HIMYM finale meme Marshall Lily Tracy Ted medieval times Imgur

We knew the mother's name in season 1 episode 9:

HIMYM actually I'm Tracy meme s1e9 just kidding Imgur

Reddit comments:

HIMYM finale meme s1e9 actually I'm Tracy and that kids is how I met your mother Imgur

HIMYM Maggie meme window of opportunity Imgur

There's 18 minutes of extra footage including what happened to the pineapple and this:

imgur: the simple image sharer

Reddit comments:

HIMYM Ted why don't you tell me about it gif Imgur

HIMYM finale meme ted I'm not angry I'm just disappointed Imgur

Cristin on the finale:

Check out the chemistry at 1:40 ...

HIMYM scene yellow umbrellas meme Imgur


HIMYM yellow umbrella meme S03E01 Imgur

Ted: "You know the short version, the thing with your mom's yellow umbrella ? [shot of umbrella flying around in the wind] But there's a bigger story. A story of how I became who I had to become before I could meet her."

HIMYM yellow umbrella meme s3e1 kids there's more than one story of how I met your mother Imgur

Favorite scene from the finale:

HIMYM finale Ted Tracy yellow umbrella rain Imgur

Reddit comments:

imgur: the simple image sharer

All the Ted and Tracy scenes:

password: downtowntrain

Reddit comments:

First song with Tracy:

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