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Scientists Create Wiring Diagram of a Mouse Brain

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Scientists from the Allen Institute for Brain Science have created a wiring diagram - or connectome - of a mouse brain. The scientists say they have also published the very first "comprehensive, large-scale data set on how the brain of a mammal is wired." A research paper, "A mesoscale connectome of the mouse brain," was published here inNature. The scientists built the Allen Mouse Brain Connectivity Atlas, a genome-wide, high-resolution atlas of gene expression throughout the adult mouse brain. It has been made available at The Atlas contains more than 1.8 petabytes of data. 

That's a lot of storage for a mouse.

Is there any indication of how much more complex a human brain is?

I mean, we're both mammals, right?

I think fashion sense alone would double the circuitry.


No, seriously, is the human brain 1000x as complex? A million times? A billion times? More?

Number of brain neurons 

MAN:  86 billion  

MOUSE:  70 million

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