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How Much Would It Cost to Be Batman in Real Life? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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I may need to extend my current timeline...

Which seems reasonable, given that he was an "eccentric billionaire playboy."

Batman is the .01%

Cheap by comparison to Iron Man, whose gear costs $1.6 billion:

600mil to rebuild the manor?... Will Alfred with his $150k salary do all the work?

Alfred will manage the project but he better get a decent bonus for doing so.

Given that 85% of the figure is in the Wayne Manor, I consider the final total to be inaccurate.

In the second movie, he fights as batman after Wayne manor is burned down. So Wayne manor is not necessary to be batman; his underground lab seen in TDKR and TDK couldn't cost more than a few million dollars.

Also the $600,000 price tag seems exorbitant. Advanced laboratory complexes and buildings with significant underground components that measure as much as 250,000 square feet that I know of cost anywhere from $100,000,000 to $250,000,000.

Why would Bruce spend $500,000 on firearms training? And another $500,000 on pilot training? Commercial pilots licenses for both fixed and rotary-wing each cost less than $100,000. He dropped out of Princeton and as a tinkerer-hacker wouldn't need a degree to have the skills necessary to be a proficient programmer (which, as far as I know, is the only engineering skill in the movies he is shown to use. Other maker skills seem to be more machining/carpentry.)

That being said,some of the other components seem realistic, such as the Kevlar gear and the Tumblr. The DOD/armed forces regularly invest billions in prototype gear that never comes to market. The premise of Nolan's batman films that Bruce uses military-esque technology seems plausible. A functonal cape and a grappling hook that works too conveniently in use appear to be the most unrealistic. And of course the Bat.

Clearly you've thought about this a lot, David. :)

I wonder what $500k in firearms training and $500k in pilot training would buy me.

For a few minutes, at least. :) I like the info graphic; it's insightful. The $600,000,000 number immediately grabbed my attention so I made a mental note to return to this thread to discuss.

$500,000 in firearms seems like a random number-- especially considereing he only uses "firearms" in his vehicles. It's not "that hard" to shoot a rocket. Another good way to think about it is -- how many hours does it take to become proficient at something? If an instructor + materials cost $500/hr (a la plane/helicopter) ... well, it takes like 120 hours to get a commercial pilots license. And I can't imagine someone needing 1,000 hours of firearm training to do what Bruce Wayne does. :)

Also, I looked into getting pilots license a few months ago.

The person might be citing government/military costs -- as you know, those numbers are much more expensive. Defense contractors -- like the fictional Wayne Enterprises -- can get away with charging exorbitant prices; since, apparently, contracts are awarded on favoritism and other non-business factors.

Plus Batman repurposed equipment and gear, according to the movie anyway, that were rejected samples stored for posterity. And the one aspect we all admire in Batman is that he is the ultimate DIY/booklearner: He might know several engineering degrees' worth of knowledge but he didn't wait to pay tuition for them. And oddly missing from the calculus would be the martial arts training costs. It would be minimal but, as someone who has trained overseas, I know they still charge to attend classes. If this chart includes $150 knee pads, $2000 worth of training might have made the list. (That's an estimate, of course, since he trained in many disciplines in different countries and the rates differ.)

BUT cost is a consideration. It's why there are many Robins but no one gets promoted to Batman without Bruce at least hanging out behind the scenes to bankroll the project. (Batman Beyond.))

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