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A Marine silent no longer in his support for gay marriage - The Washington Post

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I believed I knew the men in my B-hut better than I knew most of my friends at home, yet the man sleeping next door had a secret he dared not reveal for fear of being removed from active duty. It never crossed my mind that he was gay — or that I could have done so much more to be his friend.

We are living through an incredible transition in society collectively changing its attitude.

You saw that the CEO of Mozilla stepped down after pressure resulting from his funding Prop 8 in 2008?

I don't agree with that.  Consequences are fine.  Being pilloried for a controversial stance on a evolving social issue?  Not so fine.

Brendan Eich is no longer the CEO because…

  1. He was arrested for DUI in New Orleans with two prostitutes in the car.
  2. He embezzled $4M from the company coffers.
  3. He donated $1K to California’s Proposition 8 Campaign, an initiative that sought to make same-sex marriages illegal in the state. Editor’s note: it passed, but was later over-turned in the court system.
  4. He was found tied clothe-less to a bed by a hotel maid.

5. He was unable to fulfill his responsibilities as CEO because he could not manage -- internally or externally -- the explanation of something he did more than five years ago.

It's hard to be a CEO.