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The Zen and the Art of Windows Maintenance


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Apple USB drivers are working and are not corrupted by plugging into my linux box for power at work.  They are running at USB 3.0 speeds.  Windows Update doesn't need anything new and they stopped two tries ago at convincing me to install the Bing News search bar after hiding it 10 x. My wifi router from Netgear doesn't need any firmware updates, nor does my OCZ SSD.  Speaking of which is perfectly TRIM'd and Windows doesn't care if it's degrag'd.  Adobe doesn't need any updates as they are all up to date.  Norton Internet Security is all liveupdate'd.  The whole system is fully scanned.  Norton Ghost says my recovery disk is perfectly copied and that both my documents back up and my whole system backup all succeeded. Dropbox is fully synched.  GDrive is fully synched.  Google Chrome doesn't need to be updated and it doesn't need to update any flash crap either.  Intuit TurboTax doesn't need to run in the background, but even if it did, it's current.  Quicktime, iCloud, iTunes are all up to date and not fighting over file extensions.  iPhone is on the latest iOS.  The motherboard bios is the latest, the Nvidia drivers are too, and even the game profiles don't need to be updates as everything is optimized. VMware doesn't need an update, Cyberlink is at he latest release, Java is as secure as Oracle is every going to make it. There's no codecs that I can't handle.  Most importantly, I can burn blu-rays and DVDs, and also transfer video files to a USB that my TV reads.  My Hopper even knows how to grab video from my computers.  No updates needed for EA Origin, Steam, Uplay. No malware, no viruses, everything's fast and perky....

For one moment in time, my Windows computer is in a zen state. "You call it a moment, I call it life."

You make me so happy to be off the Windows treadmill.

Well, for a moment I'm happy too.  If I didn't need it for games and overclocking, I'd just use ubuntu 13.10, which has it's own problems of course.

Of course. There are no perfect operating systems. Not now and probably not ever.

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