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Why Is Facebook Page Reach Decreasing? More Competition And Limited Attention | TechCrunch

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I thought that this was a really well-written post documenting the decrease in organic page reach by Facebook pages.

Basically more people are talking but we still have a limited amount of attention.

Adam - Agreed! However, this article gave me one other insight. People have limited amounts of attention in different parts of their life and the rates of sharing are increasing differently on different platforms.My guess is that the rate at which the number of emails we receive is not increasing at nearly the same percent that it is for Facebook (100%).I can also understand why Gary Vaynerchuk really likes a platform like Snapchat ( and is one of the first to jump on to different platforms. When a new platform starts, it is the least noisy.I've been thinking a lot about attention recently and what it's future looks like.What are your thoughts on attention?

My thought is that an increasing number of apps and services are competing for the same slivers of our 24 hours in a day, and that something is going to get lost.

Because as you say, more people are sharing than ever before.

It's interesting because my email IS like my Facebook and Twitter in that I can never hope to read every email I get. However, unlike those services, my email is searchable, so I can go back and find a note that someone sent me if I hear about it in another channel.

Also I have been using the Secret app more.

I find it interesting that I get a lot more response in that app, despite the fact that no one knows me there.

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