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Do NOT Google that phrase. ~Leslie Knope gif


Thank you stuff_of_epics for making this gif.

do not google that phrase gif Imgur Leslie Knope Parks and Recreation Amy Poehler

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Knope. Nope. Do NOT listen to this guy:

seriously google it gif Imgur Comcast

Thank you badmonkey0001 for making this gif.

My notes on the "seriously Google it" gif made by badmonkey0001:

It comes from the video Comcast Doesn't Give a Fuck from Funny Or Die.

That video is good fruit for gifs for /r/GIFing0Fucks ... cf this thread

Here's an album of zero fucks given gifs made from that video by badmonkey0001.

Here's that Comcast video from Funny or Die:

That gif album includes 9 gifs including this one:

we do not give a fuck gif Imgur Comcast funnyordie

Leslie Knope no gif Imgur Tumblr nope

I should not have googled that meme Imgur hadrick blue waffle

Don't you wish you had one of these?

goatse unsee button gif imgur

you can google it gif Imgur it's worth a google Zach Galifianakis Campaign

Thank you kevr117 for making this gif.

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