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RIP Archie: Beloved character to die in July

RIP Archie: Beloved character to die in July

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Archie RIP: CEO Explains Why Classic Comics Character Had To Die |

Archie RIP: CEO Explains Why Classic Comics Character Had To Die |

Archie RIP: CEO Explains Why Classic Comics Character Had To Die |

Archie RIP: CEO Explains Why Classic Comics Character Had To Die |

Archie RIP: CEO Explains Why Classic Comics Character Had To Die |

Everybody has to die sometime. And in July, Archie Andrews, paramour of Betty and Veronica, denizen of Riverdale and all around good guy will finally meet the grim reaper in the pages of "Life With Archie #36" — just in time for the 75th anniversary of Archie Comics.

"Well, it was hard decision, there's no doubt about it. It's not something we took lightly," Jon Goldwater, Archie Comics CEO told MTV News on the decision to kill off Archie.

Archie Comics has been taking numerous chances with their characters in the past half decade, still publishing the gag strips and Double Digests readers probably most associate with the brand; but also adding a popular gay character named Kevin Keller, interracial relationships, a zombie invasion book called "Afterlife With Archie" and more.

In 2010, the company took what many considered the most bold step yet: marrying Archie to his long time crush Veronica. And in a case of having their cake and eating it too, they also married him to the blonde-haired Betty. The parallel universe stories ran side-by-side in a comic called "Life With Archie," and it's in those pages that Archie will also meet his end.

"We made the decision that in this universe, in the 'Life With Archie' universe, the way for it end, and end in a manner that's consistent with 75 years of what Archie is all about, and what he stands for," Goldwater continued. "The way to do that was for Archie to die."

In the event, the publisher decided to do away with the dueling storylines, opting for "one big Riverdalean sort of universe," so as better to keep the focus on Archie's sacrifice. And in case you're wondering, America's favorite redhead doesn't die of old age, or eating too many hamburgers.

"It's very heroic, and it's done to save somebody's life," Goldwater noted. "And that is what you would expect of Archie. It is extraordinarily spontaneous. It is not something that one sees coming, or at the issue begins you can feel it, because you can't. It's done with a sudden impact."

As one can imagine, other than a few touches here and there "Life With Archie #36" is a surprisingly serious comic book.

"Issue #36 is going to be... Different," Goldwater said. "It's probably the most different comic book we've ever published. It's a very important step in the history of our company."

On the other hand, there's #37, which takes place a year after the death of Archie, and serves as a reflection on the legacy of what made the character great — both in the fictional world of Riverdale, and in real life as well.

"Issue #37 is a much lighter tone," Goldwater continued. "Issue #37 is going to be very uplifting, and it is going to feel very good about what Archie is, who he is, and what it's all been about. So issue #37 is going to be more in keeping with what people expect from Archie."

Though the character of Archie, and Riverdale itself will continue in other comics, Goldwater isn't underestimating the significance of this event.

"This is a very important moment in the history of our company, and this is an important moment in the history of what comic books are all about," Goldwater added. "The foundation of the business was built on Archie, and Marvel and DC, going back decades and decades. This is one of those moments in comic book history, and comic book lore that I'm sure will resonate."

"Life With Archie #36" will be in comic book stores on sale July 16, followed by "Life With Archie #37" on July 23.

Wait, it's the 75th anniversary of Archie comics this year?

It's also the 75th anniversary of Batman comics this year!

I'm still not sure why they're killing Archie. Out of story ideas? 

It's good that he'll be doing something heroic.

It's a limited storyline...

Amazing that it lasted 75 years, you know? 75 years of adolescence, ugh.

Good point!  and it's pretty amazing that they transitioned the story through all those different decades, and kept the story relevant for the times.

It would be cool if they all died of acute orthodonture.

Orthodonture? As in braces for teeth?

Look at their teeth!

Their teeth do seem pretty perfect.

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