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OC Feel Good Inc. GIFs

I started working on a GIF set from the Feel Good Inc. video by Gorillaz as part of a long-term project of GIFing out the first Gorillaz video release. Here's a couple of the GIFs from Feel Good Inc. just for you PandaWhale folks.

Gorillaz Feel Good gif Imgur

Gorillaz Feel Good gif Imgur

Not into giant-size GIFs? How about some length instead of girth.

Gorillaz Feel Good gif Imgur

When I finish up the set, I'll ad more for you all.

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Thank you badmonkey!!

I love these. Makes me want to listen to the video again...

That's the great thing about working on this series. I don't get sick of the videos at all.

I can understand why. There's so many interesting visuals and the song keeps getting stuck in my head!

I only now realized de la Soul is the rapper in this song. Mind blown!

Oh hai badmonkey! Thanks for the gif. : )

There will be more :)

Have you understood what to do to bypass the gif bugs here?See how it bugs:

Oce, it looks like the ImageMagick processing we do does not affect all gifs posted here. Just some.

I'm still thinking about removing that code completely.

Interesting. I thought that might have just been my browser glitching.

Nope, it's not you, it's us. Thank you for recommending gifsicle:

Looking into it.

We have fixed the bugs for gifs.

Now we need to add support for embedding gifv and webm!

Nice! I'll probably plop those as a complete set into a post of their own for the Gorillaz stash over the weekend. 

That makes this weekend even better! Thank you badmonkey!!

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