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How to Migrate from Posterous to WordPress -

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Need to do this

I need to do this too.

It's hard to know what Twitter is going to do with Posterous but I get the impression that whatever it is won't be good for we users.

Posterous sucks

It does. Where is yours?

Mine is at and Eric's is at ...

I like your blog but it looks like you're still hosted at Posterous?

Tash, have you done this yet?

I'm thinking about a Posterous-to-PandaWhale importer.

Ridiculously easy to import to wordpress, I would go wordpress/blogger/tumblr before posterous

Good to know. Thanks Tash!

Migrating Posterous

If you'd prefer to migrate to Tumblr or Blogger instead of WordPress, here's how to do it:

I'm still thinking I might like a Posterous-to-PandaWhale import if I could find other people who would use it.

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