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velassaru maldives private pool photo

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Hotlink protection enabled? Doh!

OH, that sucks. Fixed.  I can stare at this pool for days...or even dare to daydream about swimming in it.

Thank you. You're right, it's beautiful. 

Btw "swimming pools I can't afford" is oddly specific. 

Why not "things I can't afford"?

I have a "Cars I can't Afford" stash.  There's only two things I really desire that money can buy, cars and swimming pools.  Swimming pools including the category of swimming pools that are "Man-made Surfing Wave Pools".  Everything else is just a thing. 

You don't hope to own a fraction of a jet at some point?

Or a bigger house?

I love my house, neighbors, and neighborhood, I don't ever want to leave it.  It could use a really nice pool, though.  A fraction of a Jet is just a means to get to somewhere with a better place to swim!

I see your point. So what is the essence of a really nice pool?

No idea, but I know it when I see it!  (And I'll definitely stash it as an example...)

Thanks in advance. Those Hearst pools are worth visiting if you haven't seen them in person.

On the subject of fractional jets, I wonder if there's a company that's the "Uber of private jets".  I'd love to build that app. 

If there's an industry helping uber-rich women pack for African Safaris, there's definitely a bigger one for Blackjet.  

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