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Chipmunk scratches head gif


Thank you holdenwood for making this gif.

chipmunk scratches head gif Imgur slow motion

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What's the difference between a chipmunk and a squirrel?


Obviously, squirrels are much larger than chipmunks. Squirrel size depends on species, with gray squirrels maturing between 18 and 20 inches long, weighing 1.5 pounds. 


Chipmunks live underground, digging burrows up to 30 feet long. Their preferred habitat consists of mature woodlands or along their edges, which describes many suburban neighborhoods.  Squirrels are jerks.


Chipmunks mate twice a year, in early spring and late summer. After a gestation period of 31 days, the female produces a litter of two to five offspring. Gray squirrels breed in early winter, with some females breeding again in early summer. After a gestation period of between 42 to 35 days, the female gives birth to three babies, on average. 


Squirrels are far more likely to earn the term "nuisance wildlife" than chipmunks.

That was incredibly thorough. Thank you Geege!

It did the imgur frontpage today!

Your excitement is palpable and contageous, Oce!  :)

HighQualityGifs has now been accepted as one of the feeder subreddits for Imgur gallery.

Great for Imgur gallery readers; terrible for anyone with OC trying to get out of user submitted such as:

After 2 years trying, I've conclued imgur user sub is not the place for OC: unless it is very imgur community related, or have something sexual inside, it will never get the 100 pts to reach the frontpage

Imgur staff is guilty too. They put their effort in making imgur bigger instead of trying to make it better in terms of user-submission quality.

This was made 15 months ago:


During 15 months, a lot of things where added to imgur, but nothing related to that.

You're right that Imgur will not go out of its way to favor OC.

And neither will Reddit, except on the OC boards.

I'm not sure why. 

Btw I think it takes closer to 300 points to get out of user submitted these days.

Which is really, really hard to do.

Maybe the first frontpage is 300, but I'm pretty sure it's 100 to "get out of user sub".

I dunno I still want to be optimistic with them and think they are not only looking for bigger stats to ask more money to advertisers.

You have good reason to be optimistic.

I've met them and they're a lot like you.

I am certain at some point in the future they will have a product that highlights OC.

Even if that product is not part of the gallery itself.

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