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Coming to Terms With Humanity's Inevitable Union With Machines

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I want a closer relationship with Siri, she's just too forgetful though to maintain a meaningful relationship with!

That makes her more human, Janill. :)

I do see the point:

“We talk about the future as if these robotic devices are going to be ‘other,’” noted Pringle in our interview, in terms of how we see robots or technology as fundamentally separate from ourselves. But like most of us, she reports her iPhone could only be closer to her if it was embedded under her skin.

“Our phones are already becoming part of us. I rely on mine for everything, even knowing all the phone numbers of everyone I love that I don’t have memorized. So in essence, I’m the one becoming more of a robot, or cyborg, as my day to day life increasingly relies on this technology, and my next of kin becomes this mobile phone,” she said.

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