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The Bros of Coachella

The Bros of Coachella NOISEY

COAAAACHELLLA! WHOOOOO! You know, there’s been a lot of talk lately about the basic bitches of Coachella, but what about the bro, bro? You bros are the unsung heroes of Coachella. Without you, who would brighten people’s days with a clever ironic t-shirt? How would women be able to dance without the impending threat of being grinded on? Who would keep American Apparel’s salmon shorts line afloat? Who would inquire about needing tickets to the gun show? Who would quote The Hangover???

The Bros of Coachella NOISEY

The Bros of Coachella NOISEY


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That's as bro as it gets.

I guess there is one demographic where the wife-beater never goes out of style...

The demographic that wears wife-beater shirts as a warning to stay away from them?

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