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Contact opening sequence gif


Thank you BigMurph26 for making this gif.

Contact opening sequence gif Imgur

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Contact opening sequence gif reverse Imgur

Adam. tried to contact you through linked-in but since i didn't have your email it was no go. Please contact me. I have something for you that will make you smile.  Your new best friend in the whole world, Frankie Chocolate, and why yes, thank you. you are right. this is the coolest name eva! cuz that's how i roll dude.

Frankie Chocolate sounds like a made up name. :)

See how smart you are. It is a made up name and a very cool indeed.  When we meet I'll give  you the back story on how i got it. you can read my book here:  Yikes!  what a link. maybe if that doesn't work just go to amazon on type in my name. 

best fishes, f.C.  

Ps. My given name is Jimmy Settecase as in pick up a case, set-a-case-down. That name is also pretty cool.

The link works. Thanks Jimmy, will put it on my to do list.

my book is a collection of short stories. 9 of them with 9 pictures. I'm very proud of it.  If you have a half    hour you could read the entire thing and that will give you a flavor of who i am and if you'd like to fly me out to speak to your engineer group. that and i could send you my encouragement speech. cheers!

Our engineer group doesn't have speakers -- it's just a meetup that's casual:

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