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Chill's culture: "Simply the best of the best."

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Co-founder @BrianNorgard of Chill was asked how funding changed them:

We first talked to you guys when you were a few guys in a garage--how has the big funding changed that for you?

Brian Norgard: We've grown out our team now, and we're at thirteen people.

But, not much has changed. We're very focused on our culture, and hiring a certain type of person.

Although our headcount is different, we're using the same approach, and are very focused on the idea of remaining small, hiring the best of the best, and building very quickly. Internally, we call that a high product metabolism, where we're always building stuff, shipping stuff, tearing stuff down.

No one can outsmart the consumer internet. So, you need to build processes to create and ship code rapidly, and see what people think about it.

Although we have more people than when we were in the garage, we still have the same caliber of people, and never will trade off scale for a lower quality employee. Everyone here is simply the best of the best.

Not sure what defines the ideal Chill employee, other than "simply the best of the best".

Let's hope that video doesn't kill the Internet star...

One thing's for sure...

Norgard's hair looks pretty Chill.


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