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Amazon First Seven Employees

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Here's the story of employee #1: Shel Kaphan 

Kaphan was Amazon's first official employee besides Bezos and his wife, and Bezos convinced him to join the fledgling company over blueberry pancakes. 

Although he didn't get founder's stock in the company, he considers himself a co-founder and Bezos once referred to him as "the most important person ever in the history of"

He decided to leave after Bezos hired two new tech managers and named him CTO, essentially taking him off the front-lines and making him feel helpless to make any real change within the company. Bezos and Kaphan are no longer in touch.  

Date worked for Amazon: Fall 1994 to 1999

First Amazon job title: Developer 

Most recent Amazon title: CTO

What he's doing now: Philanthropy and pursuing his personal interests

The other first employees of Amazon are described here:

Great that most of them moved into philanthropic endeavors. 

Yes. Once they'd made enough money they got out of business.

There's a lesson in there somewhere. 

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