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3D Printed Bear Animation CGI video, gif

Stop motion animation is old school, 3D printing is new school, so why not create a clever combination of the two? The creative agency DBLG 3D printed 50 individual sculptures of a bear walking up some stairs. which were then photographed to create a two-second animated clip.The process of printing the bears, photographing them, and stitching the images together into one seamless animation took an astonishing four weeks to complete. It might seem like a fairly unintuitive way to come away with something that looks like a simple GIF, but it also shows the interconnected nature of various technologies, and how they all feed off each other in one way or another.


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"The Climb"

Ooh! Like Game of Thrones!


3D printed bear climbing stairs gif Imgur Sisyphus

3D printed bear climbing stairs gif Imgur Sisyphus

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